Christmas Village and Santa Arch
Christmas Village and Santa Christmas Arch

Christmas Village and Santa Arch

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Part Number:Christmas-Arch-ARG37-9990539
Manufacturer: Ratags Holzdesign
Country of Origin: Erzgebirge, Germany
Christmas Christmas Arch Type: Christmas Village Doppleschwibbogen
German Christmas Arch Dimensions: About 11.8" tall and 16.9" wide.
Detailed Description:

This new German electric arch has been handcrafted by the wood artists located in the Erzgebirge region in Germany.  It features a German Christmas village with Santa flying overhead.  Designed for use in North America.  This arch is equipped with a light chain of 10-20 replicable bulbs and has a North American power(110 V AC) power plug.

The schwibboggen, or arch, has been part of German Christmas traditions for over 250 years. In Germany, the arch is normally placed on the window sill to project the warmth of this tradition both inside and outside of the home. The indirect lighting that is used with the electric arches create a stunning Christmas display.

About German Christmas Arches or Double Schwin Arches:

Those who drive through a village or city in the Erzgebirge region of Germany during wintertime will see numerous ornamental candle holders lit with small light bulbs.

 For more than 250 years the ornamental candle holder, or Schwibbogen in German, has been part of the German Christmas tradition.The first Schwibbogen was made around 172 out of forged black sheet metal and was lit by wax candles. It is said that the shape of the arch symbolizes the glowing miners lamps hung in a semi-circle at the mine entrance.

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